Housing for All: Yes on Prop D

By: Emily Cohen

San Francisco has a homelessness and affordable housing crisis.  We have 7,500 people without a home on any give night in our community.  We have teachers and nurses being displaced. We have seniors struggling to maintain housing in their home community. 

To protect our most vulnerable residents we need Prop D, Housing for All, to generate critical funding for homeless services and housing, homes for low-income seniors, and housing for middle income working families who are at risk of displacement.  Housing for All will have a real impact by creating a $1 billion fund to support critical housing services through a small increase in the rates that large commercial tenants pay.

HOUSING FOR ALL will help more than 28,000 people with vital housing assistance – from those facing homelessness to middle-income households wishing to stay in San Francisco. It will help solve the homelessness crisis on our streets, and the displacement epidemic in our neighborhoods.

Housing for All has been endorsedby the San Francisco Chronicle, the San Francisco Examiner, over 25 community organization, and over 30 community leaders and elected officials. 

We need your help today and on Election Day. Please join the community of volunteers making calls on behalf of Housing for All by signing up for an upcoming phone-banking night or walking a precinct to get the word out about the opportunity that Housing for All provides.  Click herefor an upcoming schedule of events.  AND of course please cast your vote in support of Prop D,Housing for All, on June 5th.