Highlighting Partner Organizations: BACS & Compass Family Services

To reach one of our impact goals - saving nonprofits time and funding so they can achieve greater goals - we consider our Partner Organizations to be our clients in many ways. When we approve a new partner, we always ensure that they are organizations with profound programs in homelessness and that they use their additional time for a greater good - such as finding housing, mental health support, or addiction recovery. We love celebrating our Partner's work!

Get to know two of our Partner Organizations below...

Bay Area Community Services

Share a favorite story of success: Daniel and Gina, 70 and 60 years old respectively, came to BACS in need of serious help. They were homeless, and did not have access to food, medications, or other services. BACS was first introduced to Daniel and Gina through our Wellness Center in Pleasanton, after the elderly couple had been living on the streets for 10 weeks.  Unable to pay rent due to mounting medical bills, the couple had been evicted from their apartment where they had lived for the past 12 years. A Wellness Center (WC) member came across the couple, and brought them into the WC for resources and services – including respite from the living on the streets, a long overdue string of consecutive nutritious meals, and community support. Now, they are living together at BACS’ Housing Fast Support Network, and on their way to an apartment! 

Our core philosophy in three short words:  "Whatever it takes"

Compass Family Services

One great client success story that truly highlights how Compass cares for clients above and beyond what is expected is the story of a young mother, Whitney, and her son Isaac. While Whitney was receiving rental assistance from our SF Home Program, we helped her access additional funds through our partner at Children of Shelters to allow Isaac to take piano lessons. Our staff saw that Isaac grew to love the instrument, and so we helped him secure a donated piano for his new home to help him continue developing his musical skills. We know that homelessness is traumatic for both children and parents and strive to provide them with essential services they would not be able to receive otherwise.

What one work would you use to describe your organization? "Family-centered!"