Interested in Volunteering with Simply the Basics? 

Hygiene Product Sorting & Kits: This is a great group opportunity! We have thousands of hygiene products that need to be sorted into our re-usable tote bags for distribution. Join us for a few hours as we create customized Hygiene Kits!

Groups are are up to 18 people, weekdays between 2pm-5pm at our location in San Francisco. We recommend that you schedule your group roughly 2 weeks in advance. We also have periodic “Open House” volunteer days for individuals to join outside of groups and meet new friends, sign up to receive emails about individual volunteer opportunities HERE.

We do not commonly host activities off site, however if your company would like to coordinate a sponsored off-site day, please reach out to us and include (1) interested days, (2) number of people, (3) location so that we can assess and provide the appropriate sponsorship level (levels can be between $250-$5,000 depending on size of group and distance).

Host a Donation Drive: Collect donations on behalf of Simply the Basics. We will let you know the products we are most in need of, provide "How To" guides to hosting a successful campaign, and help you every step of the way! Contact us HERE to learn more and schedule a drop off.

Advisory Committee: Do you have any unique skills such as marketing, event planning, fundraising, graphic design, legal services, accounting, or anything else that you could share? We have a wonderful committee of volunteers that meets a few times a year where you could put your skills to a great cause!

Contact to learn more about all of our volunteer opportunities!