Organizations are frequently receiving in-kind donations, and people are always looking for places to donate what they longer need. Oftentimes, however, the items donated are not necessarily needed by the organizations they are donated to. For example, a well intentioned individual might want to give unused soaps and socks to a nonprofit, but that nonprofit may have already received 100 too many socks. Reversely, a nonprofit may find themselves in desperate need of socks and unsure where to begin finding one to be donated.

We are building a Marketplace, similar in function to Craigslist, where individuals or communities can list anything they would like to donate and nonprofits can simply search to find what they are looking for. Anyone can list items to donate, but only a registered nonprofit can access contact information to coordinate receiving. All items are listed for free, no money will be exchanged, and every donor has the guarantee that their donation is going to an organization that will really benefit!

The Marketplace is launching in 2019!

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