Nonprofit Operational Challenges 

Having access to a shelter doesn’t necessarily guarantee that someone will be able to bathe on any given day due to the numbers of people who may want to clean up if the programs do not have enough of the proper resources. Additionally, many nonprofits have positive missions of assisting in housing, mental health, substance abuse, and domestic violence prevention; however they are limited in their time and resources due to their need to fulfill basic resources. Simply the Basics is making a greater impact on homeless programs as a whole by solving a great operational challenge, allowing them to focus on greater goals and client’s as well. 

A recent survey of nonprofit organizations serving the homeless and low-income individuals demonstrated that the majority of nonprofits do not have a staff person responsible for managing in-kind (physical) donations. On average, staff spends roughly 8 hours a week managing donations, including sorting and re-distributing donations that are not needed or have space for at that time.100% of the homeless programs surveyed said that they could achieve more program goals if they weren’t so consumed with securing basic needs for their clients. 

We solve this operational challenge by providing nonprofits with their client’s basic needs, eliminate waste by picking up unneeded donations they receive, and redistributing the items to programs based on their needs and storage. Through our support, nonprofits are given an entire day every week to turn their focus back to clients and program goals.

Partnerships with Nonprofits

We have developed Partnerships with over one hundred nonprofit organizations, forty in the Bay Area, saving their staff time and resources. In our recent impact report surveying partners, we found that staff has been saved over 6 hours every week, turning that time to focusing on direct client needs and their own program goals. 

Through partnerships with nonprofits, we allow the organizations to tell us what they need most so they can focus on their programs and clients. By integrating our services with existing organizations, rather than duplicating programs, we are able to more effectively end homelessness and serve the community.