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Give More Thanks, Less Pies

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and as you gather with family and friends, you will share thoughts of gratitude, dozens of dishes, and often thoughts of those less fortunate.

On average, American's throw away $235 million in food waste on Thanksgiving. Many shelters receive more food than they can distribute or properly store the next day. 

Additionally, while many people have time off around the holidays to be with family, many nonprofit workers are working overtime to accomodate the overwhelming number of volunteer requests and not enough work to sustain the increases. 

Rather than adding to the food waste or volunteer waitlists, consider instead this Thanksgiving to ask family and friends to make a donation rather than bring an extra dish! A $25 donation is roughly the cost of a homemade dish, but can make a more tremendous long term difference for those in need. 

Every $25 donation made to Simply the Basics during the week of Thanksgiving will go directly toward our Healthy Eating Programs (providing healthy cooking classes and food options that do not require a kitchen or fridge for those without a home).