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Period Party

Simply the Basics is hosting a Period Party! There is one thing that all women know first hand - a lot more goes into having our periods than simply needing feminine hygiene products. To feel dignified and healthy, we often need in addition to tampons, pads, panty liners, new underwear, pain relievers, heating pads, chocolate, cleansing wipes, and more. Join Simply the Basics to collect items and put together Wellness Period Packs for women experiencing homelessness in San Francisco. 

Adding fun to the impact... the event will include a showcase of comedians and key figures sharing their "First" and "Worst" Period stories! We believe at Simply the Basics that by sharing our real stories fearlessly and unapologetically, we can reduce stigma surrounding menstruation, leading to greater support for women's most basic need. 

The networking portion of the event is about more than just meeting new friends - but also about connecting with leaders from some of the most prominent San Francisco women's groups and women led companies! There are many ways to get involved, these ladies can help you navigate the group that is the best fit for you!

Please consider bringing in additional products! For every in-kind donation that you provide, you will receive one raffle ticket (no limit!) for a chance to win a Magnum Bottle of Wine and a $50 gift card to Straw SF!