Provide Dignity, Hygiene, and Compassion

By Leading a Simply the Basics Hygiene Bank Chapter, you are making a commitment to providing health and dignity in your community!

Chapter Leads commit to hosting regular (at least twice a year) Hygiene Bank activities by collecting the required products (or fundraising on their behalf), hosting groups to pack them into hygiene kits, delivering them to Simply the Basics’ Nonprofit Partners, and upholding Simply the Basics qualities of care, health, and dignity.

To apply to lead a Simply the Basics Hygiene Bank Chapter, please fill out the following form so that we can learn more about you and your community, your passion for hygiene and dignity, and your interest in leading a Simply the Basics Hygiene Bank chapter!

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Chapters are approved to use the Simply the Basics name, and add a following sub-name. For example, "Simply the Basics: [Insert School Name] Chapter". This name will be used on your Chapter Link, can be used to create social media pages, emails, and on a specialty logo.
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