Start a Simply the Basics Chapter in your area! 

The purpose of our Advocacy Chapters is to build a network of individuals and groups that are better equipped to serve the homeless community with dignity, encourage “smarter” donors & volunteers, and impact the wellbeing of the whole nation, one chapter at a time. 

Every chapter involves volunteer opportunities, learning experiences, and welcomes you into a community of passionate and altruistic people. 

Activities for Chapters:

  • Hygiene Donation Drives
  • Packing Days (Simply the Basics will provide totes, delivery plan, and how-to guide)
  • Book Clubs – can be hosted nationally with the same novel, allowing a national conversation and posts/story telling.
  • “Expert Led” luncheons, seminars, and panels from people in nonprofit and homelessness
  • Happy Hours/Fundraising Events
  • Mentorship Program
  • Monthly Themes (Dental Hygiene Awareness month! Compete Across Chapters!)
  • Outreach and Awareness opportunities, such as tabling at events and info days.

Chapter Leaders:

One point person will be the lead to begin an Advocacy Chapter. To qualify, that person will need to undergo an application process, a video conference interview, and provide a letter of recommendation. The individual must demonstrate ability to facilitate groups, events, and drives. (Minimum 1 year commitment).

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