Provide Dignity, Hygiene, and Compassion

Hygiene Bank Activities are a wonderful way to engage your company, community group, or friends in an activity that has a real impact on health and wellness - and saves nonprofit partners time and resources! By hosting a one time Hygiene Bank Activity, you are helping ensure that people have their most basic needs met, plus it is a lot of fun!

To host a Simply the Basics Hygiene Bank Activity, please fill out the following form. Once completed, you will hear from us shortly to receive confirmation and access to our Volunteer Portal. We recommend that you have your group at least 2 weeks from approval, so that we have time to ship Simply the Basics tote bags and/or acquire the necessary products.

Simply the Basics will provide the Reusable, Mildew Proof Tote Bags for up to 150 Kits at no cost to you!

All volunteer groups must independently acquire the required Hygiene Products. This helps us reach more people and ensure that we are improving health and dignity by creating a set of standards for all Hygiene Kits.

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Expected Date of Hygiene Activity *
Expected Date of Hygiene Activity
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Address is used to ship tote bags and to determine the receiving Nonprofit Partner
We recommend a minimum of 100 Kits/group of 10 people for a 1 hour activity.