Host a Simply the Basics Fundraising Event

Host a Simply the Basics Fundraiser:

Simply the Basics is a privately funded nonprofit organization. The funds raised for our organization allow us to provide thousands of hygiene products ever month, reusable-mildew proof tote bags for all recipients, and engage with the community in a compassionate manner.

You can help us provide dignity and compassion by hosting a fundraiser for Simply the Basics!

Some helpful tips for hosting a Simply the Basics Fundraiser:

  1. Demonstrate the impact of our programs by showing our Simply the Basics Documentary.

  2. Review our documents on the impact of Hygiene on Health to demonstrate the importance of our work!

  3. Share the event with us so that we can highlight it on our social media and in our e-newsletters!

  4. For some fun ideas, visit our blog to learn about fundraising events we have successfully hosted! (Such as the Period Party: A Comedy Showcase to raise funds for menstrual products and where comedians and members of the audience could share their worst or first period stories).

General Fundraising Event Tips:

  • Get the best deal for your buck! Lots of restaurants host “happy hour” for 2-3 hours and offer $5 dishes or half-off on dishes and have special prices for drinks.

  • Ask each attendee to make a donation at the onset to cover the cost of the ticket price. Want to offer options? Give a suggested donation amount!

  • Ensure attendees understand the impact of the event by showcasing the programs and impact of services.

  • Set a goal to reach - this helps people engage in the bottom line!

  • Find a lovely space - Invite your guests to a place that is unique in the community. Many places have space they would offer for free in the evening, such as a library or community space. The most important thing is that the home be lovely, warm, engaging and large enough so that your guests can comfortably mingle in one open space if possible. The more a sense of community you create in the space, the better.

  • Make the event something people would go to! Most fundraisers are successful because people are having a good time and want to be there. Ensure it is a fun event people want to attend!

Any external fundraisers should collect funds on behalf of the nonprofit organization. The total contribution made will be 100% tax deductible, and can be made online or by mail.

Leading a chapter? Consider making the “cost of admission” an established amount of hygiene products!