Corporate Support of Simply the Basics

Our Partnerships with these generous companies offer unique ways to support our programs! 

Simply the Basics does not enter into any relationships without consideration for the Mission of the corporation. The following companies are all ones that respect their employees, their communities, and the costumers that they serve with dignity.



HI Downtown Hostel youth hostels inspire a genuine understanding of people, places, and cultures to create a more tolerant world. The San Francisco Downtown Hostel, 312 Mason Street, has been integral to the impact and growth of Simply the Basics! By providing storage space for products and a community area to host volunteer groups, our reach has grown from the capacity of a founder's small apartment to serving over 40 Bay Area partnerships! Thank you Hosteling International!

Busy Beauty Support of our Hygiene Bank

Busy Beauty's mission is to help women take back time in their day. In fact, a recent Mintel study reported that 27% more women than men feel that they don’t have enough time in their day. That's why Busy Beauty creates no-water-needed products that help women shorten their daily personal care routines, so that they have time to do everything in their day that they want to do, not that they feel they have to do.

Busy Beauty will be providing support to Simply the Basics Recipients every quarter - made possible through every purchase made! You can help support this campaign by visiting them online HERE.

AQUIS Support of our Hygiene Bank


AQUIS is revolutionizing the way we think about haircare by working with the biology of hair to restore its strength from the inside out instead of merely masking damage with temporary, quick-fix solutions. We are proud to be receiving contributions of products from AQUIS to support our Recipients with quality products! You can help by shopping AQUIS HERE.

Additional Corporate Impact Gifts…