The difference between Empathy and Sympathy is a feeling of concern for another person, regardless of the ability to directly feel what they are going through. We believe that by creating a more Compassionate Community, we are able to take feelings of sympathy and turn them into action.

Our training is a 1-2 hour interactive presentation that is geared toward the audience and community. We will work in advance with a business or storefront to create more effective and compassionate policies and procedures around “non-purchasing visitors” and we will work with your community leaders to better understand neighborhood concerns and goals.

Within the presentation, we discuss homelessness causes, challenges, and solutions specifically in your community. We address hard to understand stigmas and misconceptions. We focus on best practices, how to support our neighbors, and how everyone can be involved in the solution - big or small. Every training includes Role Playing so that we can practice these new compassion tools and conversations, and finishes with resource guides.

Once a group has fully completed the training, they will receive a “Compassion Training Participants: Certified by Simply the Basics” certificate to display with pride!

Every Compassion Training is different based on the audience and host. Projectors are not necessary, but helpful, and we will provide all additional materials.

Depending on the prep required based on inclusive of policy review, size of audience, location and timeframe, Compassion Trainings range from $100 - $500 (this is a tax deductible donation).

Please contact us at to learn more or schedule your Compassion Training!

Reviews from past Participants…

Simply the Basics provided expert training for over 20 of our leadership staff members. She presented a wide range of topics—from managing with compassion to theft prevention—and steered us through several highly effective role-play scenarios. She exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend working with Simply the Basics to better your organization.
— Bi-Rite Director of Operations, Patrick Mills
I spoke with many other folks who attended the talk, and we all agreed that we learned new context for homelessness in the Bay Area. Folks mentioned gaining a deeper understanding of the facts. People also mentioned being impacted by thinking of homelessness as more of a spectrum.
I really enjoyed her focus on humanizing those who are experiencing the situation while making sure we made a distinction between kindness and compassion. A lot of the skills she taught I could use on an every day basis being an SF resident.