Women's Empowerment Day (coming up)

“Empowerment” can mean many things - for more than 4,500 women, it means signing up to run for public office since November 9th.  For the 1 in 3 women that will face domestic abuse in their lifetime, it can mean the strength and courage to leave a relationship. For more than 1million women, it will be marching alongside their comrades on Saturday, January 21st. For Simply the Basics on February 19th, it will be a day of self care, job readiness support, and to honor the unique challenges that women experiencing homelessness face every day.

With the generous support of Macy’s, we are incredibly honored to host a day just for women experiencing homelessness or those staying at domestic abuse programs and the hard-working staff that supports them!

The event will include facials, professional makeup and hair, massages, a “shopping” closet for new tops and blazers, new bras with expert fittings, headshots, an online job profile set up table, job readiness mentors, and delicious catering! Everyone will leave with makeup samples, hygiene kits, new bra and top, new friends, and online profiles to expand job searches and reconnect to family members.

Simply the Basics began with a feminine hygiene drive two years ago at a time when few people knew about the challenges faced by shelters and services to provide enough feminine hygiene to women. Today – the most common item that is in surplus is feminine hygiene because so much is being donated that shelters don’t know what to do with it all! This is a wonderful problem to have and is evidence that the more we talk about issues, the more we work to provide support where it is lacking, the more likely it will be that one day people will have more than they could ever need in terms of services and support!

If you know of women or a program that would like to join us, please email! admin@simplythebasics.org

You can help provide support to the event by making a donation today!

Interested in volunteering? Contact Meghan at admin@simplythebasics.org