The Impact of Giving Time

By Phylicia Hisel

Volunteering with Simply The Basics for the last two years has been one of the most fulfilling things I've done.

I love supporting Simply The Basics because of the ripple effect my support has here. Collecting, sorting, assembling and distributing essential health and hygiene items takes hours of time and resources from nonprofit staff whose energy is better spent focusing on their clients. When I spend an afternoon packing hygiene kits, I know that each kit is going to a nonprofit that serves my community, saving their staff time and resources that they can instead spend focusing on their goals, getting people housed, employed, healthy, etc. With Simply The Basics, a hygiene kit isn't just a bag of soap and socks, it's the opportunity to feel clean, healthy, and empowered to go to school or work, or to feel good about going into a job interview or housing workshop. I volunteer with Simply The Basics because it is a thoughtful, impact-driven, person-focused organization that supports my entire community.

During the hygiene kit packing activities, I've enjoyed connecting with other volunteers from all walks of life, engaging in conversations about the experience of homelessness for individuals and for communities.

Simply The Basics provides a safe space to express and challenge our ideas of homelessness, and I always leave these discussions with a fresh perspective and greater compassion.

Working with Simply The Basics has given me a sense of purpose and inspired me to pursue a career in nonprofit where I can support my neighbors in need.