Meet St. Anthony Foundation

"After your first drop off, I told every staff, volunteer, and guest whom I ran into about your amazing services. There are so many small things that make a huge difference, and hygiene kits are one of those things. The hygiene kits you donated allowed us to go from passing out loose miscellaneous soaps to fulfilling a real need by providing a comprehensive kit including body wash, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste and a toothbrush! Thank you for making such a big difference!” – Jenna, St. Anthony’s Staff

When we first toured St. Anthony Foundation, we were amazed by the whole operation. Hundreds of people visit the dining room everyday, with volunteers and staff working seamlessly to provide a hot meal, resources, and any other services needed. Every staff person we were introduced to wore a great smile and passion for their work; it was uplifting.

St. Anthony's has something unique and lasting, which is the amazing support and programs for staff as well. Working for a homeless program is challenging and the employee burn out rate is high; St Anthony’s offers ongoing support, a library, gym, and even a meditation room in their beautiful facilities alongside supportive colleagues. We are proud to support such a profound and innovative nonprofit that focuses on the whole being!

St. Anthonys' Free Clothing Program is San Francisco’s largest free clothing program, providing warm clothes, interview or employment apparel, and children’s clothing to homeless and low-income families and individuals. The average family spends $700 a year on clothing a growing child; the majority of families have two or three children, which can mean spending up to $2,100 a year. For a low-income or single parent struggling to pay rent, health costs, and other critical bills, a clothing budget may be nonexistent. Whether wardrobe items for a job, warm clothes for winter months, or school clothes for growing young boys and girls, St. Anthony’s provides high-quality clothes that instill a stronger sense of self-worth and dignity, and improve personal presentation to help clients secure and maintain employment.

In addition to the ongoing services at the Clothing Program, St. Anthony’s provides additional essential support to San Franciscans living in poverty. This includes a Dining Room, Tech Lab, Medical Clinic, Recovery Program, Advocacy Program, and Justice Education. You can learn more about all of the wonderful programs here.

Thank you, St. Anthony’s, for being a strong and positive example of what other nonprofits and homeless programs can reach for!