Hygiene and health are intimately interwoven, and poor hygiene is an inevitable result of homelessness. Establishing proper hygiene is key to a sense of self and better health. This includes regularly brushing teeth, washing hair, washing hands, cleaning with soap, wearing deodorant, menstrual hygiene products, and clean underwear and socks. When people don't have access to these products, many consequences will develop ranging from unemployment to serious diseases. Simply the Basics provides basic hygiene to programs and people, thus building a healthier community and stronger homeless programs overall. 

Often homeless people will utilize a local homeless shelter or a day center for their hygiene needs. However, having access to a shelter doesn’t necessarily guarantee that they will be able to bathe due to the number of homeless and the shortage of resources at shelters. Additionally, nonprofit organizations shared that on average, more than 14 hours of staff time a week was spent collecting, sorting, and storing donations.

Simply the Basics has launched the first large-scale Hygiene Bank in the nation. The purpose of our "Hygiene Bank" is to ensure organizations serving the homeless and low income community always have access to their most basic needs, and redistribute the items they do not to avoid waste. We remove the dehumanization of handouts, and empower our most underserved community members to have the dignity and benefits that come with good hygiene and choice.

Total Distribution as of September 20, 2019

Dental Hygiene: 126,446

Menstrual Hygiene: 193,089

Healthy Food & Snacks: 4,193

Infant Care: 43,843

Other (Lotion, Combs, First Aid, etc): 113,760

Razors/Shaving Needs: 14,604

Shampoo/Conditioner: 89,162

Soap, Body Wash, Wipes, Deodorant: 197,337

Household & Towels & Bedding: 3,087

Socks & Undergarments: 32,943

Complete Hygiene Kits in Reusable Tote Bags: 65,251


“How beautiful and great to hear that you have this Mission to help people! I am so glad that I contacted you. It wasn’t easy to do and I never thought of asking someone to help me until I realized that I have not been able to support myself fully at this moment, until I realized that there was nothing wrong with speaking out honestly about my situation, and until I found out that there are people and places like yours who listen to me!”
— Simply the Basics Recipient

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