Become a Simply the Basics Ambassador

Ambassadors = Educate + Follow + Inform

As a Simply the Basics Ambassador, you are taking a key role in our outreach and community efforts! You commitment will help to reduce stigma, facilitate positive and compassionate conversations around homelessness, and engage on and off line with people to encourage giving, volunteerism, and compassion.

Expectations of Ambassadors:

  1. Review and showcase Simply the Basics’ programs, goals, and impact

  2. Share Simply the Basics posts, or create your own around Simply the Basics issues, on social media using #SimplytheBasicsAmbassador

  3. Host at least one Simply the Basics Fundraising Event

  4. Host at least one Simply the Basics Hygiene Kit Assembly Day

  5. Represent Simply the Basics and homelessness related issues positively in your community

To become a Simply the Basics Ambassador, please apply below:

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